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December 2007



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Dec. 9th, 2007


Simply Perfect

It will take me a lifetime to organize all my thoughts on eutopia but it is my life goal to figure this out and live in it.

1.  Compassion - Held as the highest common value.  Everyone works to help everyone as it is understood that we are all part of the same organism living for love, freedom, and euphoria.

2.  No Money - Everybody does their part with joy because their job is what they are best at; their natural born talent which they feel good to express.  Since everyone cares for one-another, money is unnecessary.  This eliminates greed, jealously, and selfishness.

3.  Sustainability - The community will harvest all of it's needs locally from the Mother Earth.  Solar, Wind, Sky-water utilization, and Organic Gardens will provide the life force.

4.  Unity - Everyone sees pure spirit in every thing they perceive and so they choose to love everyone and everything.  Rather than police, their are trained mediators who come to conflicts and help people to find a resolution.

5.  Art - The entire society would be a work of art which caters to all forms of creativity.  If someone has an idea, they are supported in its creation.  All new ideas are celebrated as divine gifts which help us to evolve further up the spiral, toward the light, and into cosmic unity.

Oct. 2nd, 2007


Hi there everyone.

I have just sort of watched others posts a little bit before trying to write up mine. This is a pretty basic overview, and very specific cases will be handled with more specific laws, but I can't really type every one of those out.

Yea. I know its very very socialist, but I believe that competition and strife in the realm of economics causes the instability and exploitation now a days that we hate so much.
1.Criminals are placed in hard, easily monitored working conditions. [Example, prison mining camps] In very crime stricken regions, surveillance is allowed, but all surveillance records are sealed requiring a warrant to open up, and this warrant is exclusive for that crime.

2.Social Equality, emphasis on tolerance, etc. [Sorry, that one is a standard, can't help but stick that in there]

3.Most material goods require proof you will use them [example provide reason to drive a giant truck, or reason to own a gun, and killing people isn’t legit] In order to assist this, advertising is illegal. Corporate sponsors are allowed, but there is a thin line.

4.Each household is allowed a certain gross income based on number of occupants. Children are a special case, because substantial amounts are provided for the first child, enough to get by for two children, but none for more than that, discouraging uncontrolled growth. Jobs pay different amounts based of difficulty and required skill, but the total amount coming into a house hold is heavily taxed above the household limit.

5.All food must be raised with minimal machinery and live stock must be completely grass fed. Limiting massive production of unhealthy foods [Including grain fed beef]. But, small vegetable gardens are encouraged because they are providing food, but not taxed or included in income for the household [home made pottery and goods that aren’t sold are included in this category] This is to encourage people to be self sufficient and skilled artisans, but not encouraging growth of the population, as much.

Jul. 27th, 2007


Substantialist Utopia

I call this utopia a 'substantialist utopia' because it values substantial things (efficiency, pleasure, safety, etc.) over symbolic things (life, a god, authority, equality, etc.). There are more aspects than just these 5.

1. Education is far more efficient and individualistic than in the status quo. Children and adults are given access to very concise and informative books, and are allowed to learn whatever they want, as quickly or as slowly as they want. There is no schoolwork or homework, but there are testing facilities, libraries, and facilities with equipment for hands-on learning.
2. There is no rent, nor property tax for the ownership of a small piece of land. Animals have the right to live on a piece of land without paying for it. If we do otherwise, as in the status quo, then we are inferior to animals, at least in that respect.
3. Criminal types (sleazy, impulsive, etc.) are identified by genetic screening and psychological profiling, and are permanently incapacitated (via death, banishment, or otherwise) before they even do their first crime.
4. The people practice voluntary eugenics.
5. The people practice polyamory.

Jul. 20th, 2007

TOS, to boldly go


Discussion Topic #1

Most people do not really wish to live in a Utopia.

Jul. 19th, 2007

'keep change'


(no subject)

Ok i do have to admit that i havent given any thought to this at all and im pretty much just writting what i feel now and what comes to my mind first...that said, here goes nothing.

1) Total equality of all human nature. No matter the gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age etc

2) More emphasis placed upon the needy. Now by this i mean people suffering mental illness, physical illness, phycological illness etc. Pretty much more money put into these services to ensure the people who need them are recieving the greatest possible care/help that they need.

3) (sorry its kinda stolen) but the military to be used only for positive things ie:not wars. Because kiddies, fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity :)

4) Individuality will be encouraged

5) Less emphasis will be put on the way people look. Im basing this on anorexia, bulemia, obeseness etc. I guess this kind of fits under individuality because im thinking why subject yourself to fit into a mold that the world has made for you eg:goths, emos, punk, Im thinking just be yourself and dont let society determine who you are.

Jul. 17th, 2007


Another View

I'd say that this is probably more of an ideal society than a Utopia, but meh. And yes, I know I'm putting a lot of detail into this.

1. Meritocracy. At the end of their secondary education, people will be taken from their old home, and each will be given a new identity, and put at a standardised level in society. With this as a base-plate, they will be allowed to enter into the bottom rung of whichever occupation they desire, provided there are sufficient spaces. If there are not sufficient spaces, relevant school marks (more on this later) will be looked at to see who should get the job. Those not accepted will be put into their next choice, if the above allows for it. Should they prove incapable of that, they will be assigned to a different job more in keeping with their talents. Those capable of doing the job will be assessed on their performance after 6 months, and any available jobs on the next tier will be filled with the most qualified in the lower group. Qualification will be assessed purley on performance. Should someone wish to change professions, transfer forms must be submitted, and the applicant put through a series of trials to determine their suitability to the new position. Jobs requiring large amounts of training will have a suitable time allotted to training, with bi-monthly assessments on candidate suitability for the final position. Note: there WILL be limits on the number of openings in each career path. NOT EVERYONE can grow up to be an astronaut after all, it's not practical.
2. Standardised Education. All schools will teach the same curriculum, which will hopefully give students a decent idea of what the various career paths have to offer. This will give them a good idea of what they may want to do, as well as giving everyone a fairly level start.
3. Objective Assessment. To avoid potential bias, there will be a specialised branch of public service to do assessments on work performance. These people be put into as little contact with those they are assessing as possible. This will be more difficult for more public roles, naturally, so for the more public role, assessment will be done by committee. All assessments will be looked over by at least two people with access to all the same resources as the assessor, to evaluate it's neutrality and validity.
4. Freedom of religion and sexuality.
5. Contribution Based Pay. The pay for different occupations will be based on their contribution to the society as a whole. This will give the people who actually do the work pay they deserve, while people who sit around looking pretty will have to learn to do so on much less. Also, no welfare. Anyone who doesn't want to work had better finds someone who's prepared to support them.

It took me a while thinking of the last couple, as my main points were covered early on.

Jul. 21st, 2007


(no subject)

These are the following quaities of my utopia (even though a lot of said qualities are something of a cliche):

1. An absence of any kind of war or military conflict. The military would exist for purely ceremonial purposes (and/or to defend the populace from non-human enemies like an army of rebel androids or giant man-eating amoeba from the eigth dimension).
2. People would be accepting of all cultures, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, etc.
3. Technology would improve the average person's quality of life without interfering with the environment. In my utopia everything would run on solar energy (or some as-yet-undiscovered environmentally safe renewable energy source)
4. Individual expression of artistic freedom would be strongly encouraged.
5. School and work would actually be fun. (Sorry, that's lame, best I could think of for # 5)

Jul. 16th, 2007

TOS, to boldly go


My Utopia

1. Total equality and freedom
2. Acceptance of others and an absence of any kind of prejudice
3. More money to be put into medical research and education rather than sport and similar forms of entertainment
4. That said, a greater focus on books, movies etc. particularly in the fantasy and sci-fi genre (and for Firefly to have not been cancelled :P)
5. Less value to be placed on wealth and status

Hooray, sappy! XD