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December 2007

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insane_duckfish in utopia_project

Discussion Topic #1

Most people do not really wish to live in a Utopia.


My personal belief is that even though most people would say that it would be nice to live in a "perfect world" they do not really want to. A lot of people today thrive on the drama and problems in life and enjoy the angst/self-pity that it brings.

Also, most versions of a Utopia would require people who live there to make certain sacrafices, at very least initially, in order to achieve it, and most people would not be willing to do that. Thoughts?
Well the world today as we know it is that way because of peoples willingness or lack of willingness to improve it. It will always be that way.

I do agree with you that some people do thrive on the dramas in life, a perfect world is a boring world. Some people think that we are put on this world to improve it but if its already 'perfect' then why are we here?

Perfect to one person, may be hell to another and thats just the way life goes
Every Utopia has the potential to become a Dystopia. For instance, take a society in which citizens are not allowed the right to posess weapons. It sounds like a good idea but many people would fear that the government would take advantage of that system to keep people from defending themselves if, say, they were ever to send shock troops to raid peoples' homes.
Then take a society in which it is made a rule that everyone is meant to be completely equal with everyone else? That could easily be twisted into something like the dystopia of Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron.
Another Utopian idea that should be mentioned is rule by council: But wouldn't there be disagreements within the council that rules that society? The Council's disagreements would have to be settled by its Chairman, and that Chairman would undoubtedly favor certain members of the council over others, thus, lending the Chairman more power than anyone else, and as with any other kind of society, the Chairman could easily abuse that power to further his or her own agenda.