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December 2007

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femmeslash, Xena - Xena/Gabrielle

insane_duckfish in utopia_project

My Utopia

1. Total equality and freedom
2. Acceptance of others and an absence of any kind of prejudice
3. More money to be put into medical research and education rather than sport and similar forms of entertainment
4. That said, a greater focus on books, movies etc. particularly in the fantasy and sci-fi genre (and for Firefly to have not been cancelled :P)
5. Less value to be placed on wealth and status

Hooray, sappy! XD


Question: How can you have total equality when it often interferes with total freedom? Freedom of speech can allow for such things as vilification, which in turns disrupts eqaulity. How would politics be allowed to operate in this kind of world?
That's a very good point.

I guess if everyone's right to free speech was equal, though, although people would disagree they would be on equal terms in their disagreement. But then some people are better at arguing and some would intimidate people and such, and so like you said equality would be disrupted. It's difficult even theoretically to have a society based more on ethics than laws, and in practice it would be nearly impossible. Freedom and equality could only exist together if every individual was willing to make it so. Which in reality would almost never happen, but potentially it could, particularly if the group of people was a smaller unit.

Politics would have to be based on a pure democracy, which again works much better in theory than it does in practice.

Another thing that occured to me is should children be allowed the same sense of equality and freedom as adults? Keeping in mind that children need, at least to an extent, the protection and guidance of adults, and do not have the same knowledge and life experience to allow them to make the right decisions. And then if they aren't allowed that same equality and freedom, at what age is it granted to them? Yes I do realise its my utopia and I should be defending it and explaining these questions however I don't really have an answer to that. Ideas, anyone?
Now you understand why utopias do not exist, unless you are a tyrant or a dictator. A society should run more on fairness than a pure theoretical concept such as equality or freedom. In a totally free society, the system would have to anarchic, which would only interfere with freedom itself. A totally equal society conversely would either run as a communist state or as a totalitarian due to the fact that no one could exert power. You see, in your society, democracy could not work unless everyone had an active role in controlling the society without interefering with each other. On a system of fairness however, the society attempts to find a balance of freedom with equality, whihc is probably more the system you'd like. A society will impose freedom until it interferes with equality, and vise versa. Relationships are always based on power which is why a purely equal society could never work. Children cannot comprehend all rights. Some rights of course, fundamental human rights, are inherint. However, not all rights are. It is important a society finds the most pivotal balance between freedom and equality that leads to the best betterment of its people.
So instead of "totally free and equal" it should be "to a practical extent, free and equal", by what you're saying.

Fairness probably is a better system to run it on. Then comes the problem of to what extent each freedom and equality is allowed, but finding a balance would still work better.

Relationships are always based on power...
I can't entirely agree with that statement. Healthy relationships are based on power only in the sense that each party is trying to find a balance of power with the other person, rather than trying to gain power over them. I will conceed that lots of relationships are, though.

On the subject of children, I agree that they can't comprehend all rights, aside from the most vital human rights. And in many cases granting them some rights would be more of a curse than a blessing.