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December 2007

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lord_daffodil in utopia_project

These are the following quaities of my utopia (even though a lot of said qualities are something of a cliche):

1. An absence of any kind of war or military conflict. The military would exist for purely ceremonial purposes (and/or to defend the populace from non-human enemies like an army of rebel androids or giant man-eating amoeba from the eigth dimension).
2. People would be accepting of all cultures, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, etc.
3. Technology would improve the average person's quality of life without interfering with the environment. In my utopia everything would run on solar energy (or some as-yet-undiscovered environmentally safe renewable energy source)
4. Individual expression of artistic freedom would be strongly encouraged.
5. School and work would actually be fun. (Sorry, that's lame, best I could think of for # 5)


I agree with most of this, particularly liking point 3 (the internet improves my quality of life, damnit!)

About 4, would you say that all expression of artistic freedom would be encouraged or "constructive" expression (eg would graffiti be included in this? would art expressing violent/discriminatory ideas be?)

Also, I would like to see you making 5 happen. XD

Hope this isn't tl;dr

Graffiti would be only nominally illegal (for the sake of increasing its appeal among the more adventurous sort).
Nobody would be arrested for it and many Graffiti artists would be part of a federally funded organization of Secret Government Graffiti Artists (SGGA) disguised as civilians whose duty is to encourage others, through example, to become graffiti artists.
As for art of a discriminatory nature, I have a lot of problems with the idea of allowing racist or homophobic art, but I think the way to deal with it is to run background checks on individuals who buy those materials to make sure that they don't have a history of being racist, homophobic, etc., and in my ideal utopia hate groups would be completely illegal.
As for violent art, many movies and videogames are extremely violent but I still consider them art. Said movies and videogames are pretty much available for anyone to see or buy, but most people (those who aren't suffering from extreme mental instability) can tell fantasy from reality and probably wouldn't carry out their violent fantasies in real life.
Though I do think that in a perfect society a higher emphasis would be placed on art that expresses postive feelings rather than art that expresses negative feelings.
Oh, and as an extension of my proposed reforms in the educational system, and also with the goal of encouraging individual expression, all children would begin learning to speak a different language, play an instrument (or sing), act, sew clothing, and make movies (they need to have video production classes in elementary schools!) at a young age and all of the following would be very strongly encouraged (though not necessarily enforced) by teachers and school administrators throughout most of middle and high school, and many schools would have the option of making it mandatory for every student to be involved in at least one extracurricular activity of their choice.

Re: Hope this isn't tl;dr

Long is good! Thanks for actually putting thought into it!

I like your idea about graffitti artists, though I would only want to promote actual art as opposed to "SyDIe wOZ 'ErE"

The idea about homophobic/racist art also works however if it is simply illegal then you don't necessarily have to do background checks although as an added measure it would probably be a good idea.

I wasn't making the comment that violent art necessarily encourages violence, but one oif your points was anti-military and I thought that would come as encouraging war but anyway, I guess you are right that people can tell the difference. Even so, it is worth thinking about.

I like your reform to the education system too... personally I agree that individualism should be encouraged but also I think life skills like cooking and stuff (well sewing's there) should be included and would also add to the creativity encouragement.

That was kind of inarticulate, sorry.