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Everyone's different

What's your Utopia?

The Utopia Project
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What's your perfect world?
The concept of a perfect world has facinated humans for millenium. People have both academically debated the notion, and actively sought it. This community exists simply to prove its impossibility. While this may sound overly negative and pessamistic, it is based on the idea that everyone's idea of a perfect world differs from everyone else's. Thus, the purpose of this community is as a place to discuss different ideas about what would make a perfect world.

The Rules:

1. This is an open community; you do not have to join to post in it. Because of this, however, it is a necessity that all posts are monitored.

2. Posts will not be deleted for containing controversial material, as this community is intended to provoke debate and to look at a wide variety of opinions. However, offensive material should be placed behind an lj cut and a warning should be given as to the nature of the content.

3. Be polite. Intelligent debate is encouraged; mindless bickering is not. That said, heated arguments are allowed so long as they are backed up by valid reasoning.

4. Be prepared to have your ideas questioned. Not everyone is going to agree on the definition of a perfect world. That's the point.

5. Your first post, whether you join the community or not, should be a list of the five most important features of your own perfect world. After this, feel free to post in whatever manner you choose, so long as it relates to the idea of a perfect world. Examples of acceptable post are: what you believe a perfect world should or should not consist of, why our own world is/is not perfect, or how you believe a perfect world could be achieved. Entries after your first post do not have to be in the form of a list.

Members will be given two warnings, after which they will be banned and any posts made by them will not be accepted.

Moderators reserve the right to alter these rules at any time.